Cork Home Maintenance

Plaster Repairs

Over time, movement, subsidence or simple accidents cause damage to the plaster in houses. Some of the damage is minor and largly cosmetic, other damage can be more serious. I repair plaster and concrete damage in houses across the following areas.


I perform many general plaster repairs. Cracks and gaps around skirtings and ceilings can be chaulked and painted over. Plaster damage in walls can be filled. Bulges and cracks in ceilings and walls can be replastered.


I fill and repaint cracks and gaps in plaster. I repair slabs and paths. I also lay kerbing and replace wall cappings.

Small concrete repairs

I repair sections of paths and floors. I replace small floors.

Draught proofing

I seal windows and doors from draughts. I also draught-proof around Fascia joints and apply expanding foam around gaps and holes. I also offer water sealing around baths and showers.

Concrete floors leveled

It is very important to have a level concrete floor before putting a timber floor on top. I level concrete floors by applying a self-leveling compound to the floor, which can repair level descrepancies up to about 15mm. After leveling the floor your timber floor will be more level and have less bounce and spring when walked on.

John Coughlan

John Coughlan, painter and handyman. John Coughlan Home Maintenance, painter and handyman.